Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 months!

This month was super exciting for me - I launched the new collection that brings tons of joy every time I see it in my shop and every time I log off to make some new items for it! Chained Rose is my baby:) No really, I am so dissolved in it! I just love making those bohemian, romantic, vintage inspired, glamorous pieces. I don't have to restrain myself from being too feminine, from loving flowers... because not everyone loves wearing them but I so do! My new collection is for everyone who is passionate about blooms and color, for everyone who loves life and sees the beauty in it.

I also started the line of hair accessories, something I never made before. The headbands became one of my favorite designs to work on. I love hand stitching and embroidery, so every night, after putting the kids to sleep, I can't wait to bundle up next to my hubby with a strip of chiffon, some beads and a needle and just relax, keeping one eye on the next episode of House:)
In addition to new collection I came out with new photo set as well. Shabby chic boards and jewelry boxes worked out beautifully with fabric rosettes. Taking all the above in the consideration I am very satisfied with the results of my fifth month on Etsy. At the same time I made a hard but necessary decision to close my shop for 3 months while I am on vacation in Riga. I haven't been home for 6 years, my family, my friends missed me so much - they deserve the whole me and decided to dedicate my summer to them! I am already looking forward to reopening my shop in August tough:) Meanwhile, I will still post in my blog, to keep everyone updated on how much I miss my work!!!