Saturday, February 20, 2010


It's sad for me to realize that there are much more things that I can make for my daughter then I can make for my son. I can't make a necklace or a bow for him and I see Marco's disappointment every time I pull out a handmade hair clip for his sister. Yesterday, after making all these bows for Bella I was determined to come up with something for my son and I did. I found his latest drawing of a lizard and sewed my version of it out of green felt. As soon as I took a needle in my hands I understood how much I missed stitching, I had a blast making this insanely cute creepy crawler! Marco played with his lizard all morning and I think today Bella felt jealous, because she asked me to stitch a doll that looks like one of her doodled princesses. One more project is lined up:)

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