Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 months

I am a week late for my monthly report. Hey, could be much worse:) As the business speeds up all the other areas of life also seem to be on the run. Some people say that busy is good, but for me busy always means trouble. I seem to have a tendency of loosing control over the amount of projects and responsibilities I take on and eventually can't tell Monday from Saturday, weeks and months blend together in the attempt to complete everything I have scheduled for myself. Maybe this month I will try to take one day at the time and breath...

This month was very creative. I am still to write about all the craft and art projects I had completed this month apart from coming up with new interesting trendy designs for my shop. I discovered golden toned metal for myself; after taking on a custom order bracelet, I fully fell in love with this exciting thing. I made several adorable tiny cluster necklaces that seem to be a hit. They are also very affordable, only $15, combine that with free shipping!

Ideas are overwhelming me now that I know that I have only two months to get my shop full and organized before I go on vacation to Riga. I am not sure yet how it is going to work, but looks like my hubby will have to complete training in packing and shipping since that would be the only thing that I can't do being on another continent. I am leaving for 3 months at the end of April... challenging time for my shop, but I am sure that it will work out.

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