Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas mood

I love fall and fall colors - black tree stems tangled in yellow and orange and red... and fall decor, all these pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows... I am sad that Thanksgiving is over and it's time to decorate for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and decorating in general, but Christmas brings just too much pressure. Everyone is in a hurry, getting ready, stressing out! Everything is spinning like it is not Happiest holiday of all coming up but the end of the world. So decorating comes with the pressure too. But it must be done:)
My daughter is 4 and a half and my son is almost 3. They are two volcanoes of creativity! They love to glue, cut, draw, paint and they will do pretty much anything with me. Today we finally pulled out that stick with pinecones, that stayed in our garage since August, spray painted it silver and hung some felted decor on it. It worked out beautifully: while I was stitching the bird, kids were cutting up little pieces of felt for me. I did give them fabric scissors, because it's impossible to cut felt with the kids ones. When kids were done cutting, they handed me bits of felt one by one while I suspended each piece on the string between two beads.

Felt leftovers we stuffed in the vase. I think, that the whole thing looks very festive and the main thing - children can participate in this project, have fun and feel important! It is also a very affordable project - 3 sheets of felt, some seed beads, thread and a couple of sticks from your backyard (you don't' have to spray paint the sticks, they can be left natural or sprinkled with glitter)!

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