Monday, November 30, 2009

My user pictures

Several weeks ago I drew new avatars for my family blog. I did them in India ink and watercolors. I didn't put much emphasis on details because I knew that they will end up as tiny blocks next to my user name. Now I regret it a little. Anyways, since this is my creativity blog, I would like to post my drawings here. I just recently got serious about painting and drawing, developing my skills. I am willing to learn and I lucky to have opportunities.

The cup of tea is my general pic. Then goes the one for posts about me, myself and I - eyes shot, day dreaming... The one with a girl and a boy is for postings about my kids. Then their is a mother with a child - it is for sad things. And finally, user picture for my arts and crafts.

I am working on a couple more images right now. I hope I can show them soon.

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