Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Studio Elenus

About a year and a half ago my wardrobe suffered an accessory crisis... This is when I went to the craft store, bought 4 dollar set of tiny tools, some beads and findings, made a 2 layer necklace and wore it to work the next day. Compliments poured at me and I was forced to give up the origin of my jewelry. The same day I had a buyer for my next necklace. I did not plan to make jewelry for sale (this is why I bought the cheapest tool set ) but I could not decline the offer. I created several new designs ultimately to get enormous support from my coworkers, friends and family, who purchased my jewelry and gave me confidence to continue my work.

Later last year I participated in craft fair and organized successful jewelry party. That was in Chicago, but then we moved to Dallas, where our family didn't know a soul. Here after hitting several bumps, my small jewelry business finally hit a milestone - I opened my shop on ETSY!

Studio Elenus launched on November 14 of 2009! So it is a fresh shop and I have a lot of work on my hands. However, I already had my first sale and can't be called undiscovered anymore! I am excited and a little overwhelmed, but more excited then overwhelmed:)

Regardless of being such an important part of my life, my jewelry is just a tip of an iceberg of my daily creativity, where my kids and my home are my absolute priority. This is why I am not going to post every single piece of jewelry that is featured in my shop to this blog. Instead I welcome everyone to my shop at! Maybe you can find something that fits your taste and your wardrobe there. Also I am always excited about custom orders; feel free to contact me so we can join our visions to create that perfect piece of jewelry for you!

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