Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is Russian folk tale about the Kolobok (round bread) who ran away from Grandma and Grandpa and bunch of forest animals just to be eaten by a sly fox. This tale is one of my kids' favorites, so I hand sewn finger puppets out of felt and other fabrics for staging a play in our family puppet theater.

It took me a whole season of "House", but the result worth it! I designed all of these characters myself putting quiet a bit of an afford to make them look as Russian as possible:) My personal favorite is the wolf ,"Kolobok, Kolobok, I'm gonna eat you!", if he only wasn't that straight forward...


  1. So cute! I like them so much! :)really nice work.

  2. Veronika, thank you! I wish I had more tome for that kind of stuff:)